Paws and Pours

Paws and Pours

As you’re probably well aware by now, some of my passions in life are food, wine and animals. This week I was excited to take part in a fun fundraiser for an organization that means so much to me, The Seattle Animal Shelter.

I volunteer for the group walking dogs every week, and they had a great event on Thursday called “Paws and Pours,” it was a wine and appetizer tasting in the ballroom at the Wine World Warehouse in Seattle.

Sparkling Wine Table

About eight local wineries came to offer wine tastings. You could visit the different tables and fill up your glass, trying out the different varieties. Thanks to a recent wine tasting lesson, Joe and I were ready to take on the cabs, merlots and blends… and really appreciate each one.

For more on Wine 101 click here!

Brochures on the tables had stories about the animals in the shelters, those who have been rescued, and those who have survived because of the work the shelter does. One of my favorite dogs was actually featured on the cards, Wiggles, a happy pitt-mix (I think) who loves to play fetch to a fault. Nothing can stop her, not even a leg injury, which she had corrected thanks to the shelter!

In thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make this event such a success, I’d like to share with you some of the wineries that participated. I’ve starred my favorite wines of the night. I encourage you to give them a try!!!

**Laurelhurst Cellars (they had an amazing red wine blend)
NW Wine Academy
Pandora Cellars
**Treveri (a stellar Riesling sparkling wine)

Wine World Warehouse - University District

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