Top 10 Things To Do At Pike Place Market

10. Flying Fish & Seafood: I thought I’d start this list with one of the most iconic features of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, the seafood displays and the famous Flying Fish! The fishmongers put on quite an amazing show, and looking at all the different types of seafood is a feast for the eyes in itself. If you’re only visiting, you’ll wish you weren’t so you could take some seafood home and cook it up for dinner!

9. The Zig Zag Cafe: I haven’t actually been at this bar/restaurant behind the market, but I’m told the bartenders make “the perfect” drink! It’s definitely worth seeking out!




8. Rachel the Pig: Rachel is a regular at the market. She’s actually the unofficial mascot. Her hoof prints are all over the ground. Ok, she’s actually a giant bronze “piggy bank” raising money for the Market Foundation. It’s a great photo op location!

7. Piroshky, Piroshky: Thank you Anthony Bourdain for finding this gem and telling the world on the Travel Channel! I’ll take one of each, thank you! Piroshky Piroshky is a Russian bakery that sells sweet and savory pies with a variety of meat, vegetable and fruit fillings. Don’t leave the market without trying one!

6. Buy an Apple or Fresh Veggies: A rainbow of colors await you in the market. Vendors sell fresh fruit and vegetables of every variety. Don’t be shy, if they offer you a taste of a Jazz apple or a fresh peach… take it. The best part about this end of the market: even if you’re visiting, you can buy a bag full of apples or strawberries and take it back to the hotel room for breakfast or a snack. Plus, you’ll feel good about supporting local farmers!

5. The Original Starbucks: Need I say more?! During the summer, you may have to wait in line an hour to get your “soy skinny vanilla half-caf latte”, but at least you can say you got it from “the original.” If you’re not into standing in line, don’t fear, there are literally hundreds of Starbucks in the Seattle. Just throw a dime, I’m sure it will land in front of one!

4. Beecher’s Mac and Cheese: You must, must, must eat this Mac! It’s like no other Mac and Cheese you’ve ever eaten. I guarantee! The shop also sells homemade cheeses that are perfect for a wine and cheese cocktail party. It’s to die for!


3. Mac and Jacks: Tired from all that walking around you’ve done so far? Stop into one of the many restaurants in the market and cool off with a locally brewed beer. I recommend a Mac and Jacks or a Manny’s. If you like Oberon or Blue Moon, you’ll love both of these beers. I had a Mac and Jacks with a seafood stew in the market about an hour after I got off the plane during my first visit to Seattle, and the experience left such a big impression, it’s now the first thing I think of when I think I think “Seattle.”

2. Gum Wall: EWWWW! It’s just gross enough that you have to see it for yourself. Chew a wad and leave your mark on the city.


1. Buy Fresh Flowers: Call me girly, but this is my absolute favorite part of the market. You can buy a huge bunch of flowers for just $5 during the peak season. Bigger bundles sell for $10 or $15 dollars, and they are MUCH bigger than any arrangement you can buy in a floral shop. Brighten up your hotel room or your home with some bright and cheery blooms!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do At Pike Place Market

  1. Really miss going to Pikes Place. Have very fond memories of all of our visits, especially the time Adam bought a salmon and the guys did a photo op with Aunt Rita and my mom. The girls got wet, but they enjoyed all the attention! Also, the clam chowder, the fresh doughnut holes, the brewery, the tea shop and so much more. Think of us when you go there and send us good vibes! Oh, and if you are there later in the day, they sell the flowers for even cheaper! Just ask.

  2. The gum ball wall cracked me up. My aunt lived in Clearwater, Fla for a while and said there was a cypress tree that her and her son walked by every day as she took him to school. The kids would stick their wads of gum on it and then, on the way back pick it back up. EWWWWW hahaha

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