Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano (Lemon Parmesan Pasta)


Say what you will about Gwyneth Paltrow, but girl knows her food! My husband gave me her cookbook “My Father’s Daughter” for Christmas and tonight I made my second recipe from it: Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano!
I’m a bit biased in that I’m pretty much obsessed with Gwyneth, but like her or not, I’m confident this recipe will change the way you eat pasta.

I honestly never considered eating homemade spaghetti without some kind of sauce that came in a jar… marinara, vodka, Prego, Ragu… but nope, you don’t need any of those. Just olive oil, freshly grated parmesan cheese, olive oil, pepper and lemons mixed together into a paste/sauce. Yes, lemon pasta. Sound weird? I wasn’t sure about it either… but I am totally obsessed with it now. It’s so simple, so fresh and so bright. I kept thinking “bring on summer!!!” Seriously, it was so good I went through the trouble of boiling a second round of pasta and making more sauce just to have a second bowl. In fact, I’m already plotting out the next time I’m making it.

Lemon, Oil, Fresh Grated Parmesan and Pepper

You have to like lemons to love this dish, obviously, but it’s not overly tart… just ‘bright’. That’s the best way I can describe it. This is a dish I would love to share with my daughter someday when you need a quick dinner that still feels special and elegant.

Disclaimer: Since this a copyrighted recipe, I feel I can not share it on my blog, but I encourage you to pick up a copy of Gwyneth’s cookbook. It’s filled with easy recipes you could make any night of the week. Not overly complicated, and easy to read. Plus, she includes lots of stories about her life. A great read!

Gwyneth’s blog Goop.

Gwyneth’s Book on


5 thoughts on “Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano (Lemon Parmesan Pasta)

  1. The spaghetti looks wonderful and I enjoyed your review. I love your description of the dish as “bright”. If you have a chance, I would love for you to share this on the Gallery of Favorites. My co-host and I are both fans of Gwenyth Paltrow. In fact, April met her last year. I believe it was at a food related event in England – I will have to see if I can find her post so I can email you the link.

  2. That spaghetti sounds absolutely amazing. I haven’t made that particular recipe yet from Gwyneth’s book yet, but I’m putting it next on my list! The photo you posted certainly looks delicious!

  3. I made this recipe when the book came out and I loved it! It has become one of my go to dishes when people show up unexpectedly.

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