Book Club Cuisine: The Tempest

A classic book deserves a classic book club cuisine pairing.

How to pair wine and cheese: Link To Better Homes and Gardens

This month we challenged our minds, and our palates. Our literary selection was the classic Shakespeare play The Tempest, and we were treated to an array of cheese… from the fancy case! It was another fun conversation starter. Not only can you share your feelings about the book, you can compare the cheeses and talk about which ones you like and why.

Among our choices… a gouda, a red pepper infused cheese, and a ‘recommended’ cheese from Whole Foods. Taking their word for it turned out to be an awesome decision. It was my favorite. I just wish I could remember the name! Don’t be afraid to ask employees for their recommendation. They typically know what they’re talking about!

As for the book, I haven’t read Shakespeare since high school, so I was somewhat apprehensive about tackling The Tempest. Would I be able to follow it? Would I understand the language? Would I feel downright stupid? But it was actually fun! You can breeze through the entire thing in an hour and a half. It had magic, drunks, and scheming. Sounds like a party to me! My book had annotations explaining what different words and phrases meant, but I found it more distracting than anything. I actually understood more by just reading through it (then checking out the overview on Wikipedia to make sure I was on the right track). 🙂

I’ll have to check out the movie next.

Until next month…


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