New York Pizza and Bar

Modern Pizza Meets Modern Art

New York Pizza and Bar

Art For Sale
Rustic Italian Pizza

You wouldn’t expect to find decorating ideas and inspiration from a pizza joint, but if I could move into this pizza place… I would. It’s covered in modern, colorful paintings and all or most of them are for sale. If I had a few more “benjamins” in the bank I probably would have come home  with more than just leftovers.

My husband and I discovered this place courtesy of LivingSocial.  With our big discount we splurged on dinner. 2 Pizzas, beer, cocktails, the works.

New York Pizza and Bar on Mercer in Seattle had a lot of unique and fun options for both pizza and martinis. You can get a pepperoni or hawaiian anywhere. So, I decided to walk on the wild side a bit: Rustic Italian Pizza. It had Red sauce, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, mozzarella cheese, fresh cracked pepper and a baked egg. Yes, baked egg on pizza. I figured, why not?!  In this case, trying new things paid off! SO GOOD!

They also had an extensive drink list and you get quite a bit for your buck. A 9 dollar martini comes with the shaker which basically holds a second full martini. I tried the Raspberry Lemon Drop – yum!

Shaker Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Art For Sale

Part pizza place, part art gallery: you can be cultured while chowing down!
Until next time!

Shaker Martinis

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