Flying Fish

Seafood Tower: Oysters and Mussels

Pike Place Market has the famous flying fish, delighting crowds of tourists.
Downtown Seattle has “Flying Fish,” delighting me during happy hour! The mouthwatering mollusks at this cool, hip restaurant makes me so grateful I have days off during the week. I think that picture of the seafood tower speaks for itself.  Oysters (for $0.50/each, what?!) plucked right out of the hood canal, and the fresh mussels. A-may-zing-uh!

My husband and I first got wind of this place on a weekly flyer in our apartment elevator. It often suggests different happy hours to try out within walking distance, and it has become a helpful treasure map pointing the way to great deals on fresh seafood and happy hour specials. This place has a really cool vibe (I’m going to steal those red lanterns!) Plus, happy hour makes you feel like you’re worth a million bucks when you only spend spare change on luxurious dishes!

On this trip, we split 3 dozen oysters (it may sound like a lot, but they go down really easily). If you’re scared, or grossed out… DON’T BE. Try them. You only live once! Just make sure they’re super, super fresh.
We also tried the salmon sliders, mussels and had a couple beers.  After the big snow and ice storm we just recovered from, it’s been nice to be able to get out and walk around the city again (no one wants to be cooped up in the kitchen all the time!).

Seattleites: if you’ve found any other great happy hour locations, do me a solid and leave your suggestions in the comments section!

Salmon Sliders

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