Top 10 Mistakes I've Made In the Kitchen

Yes, these are all mistakes/funny stories this cooking newbie has encountered in the kitchen.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

10. Mistaking Apple Vinegar for Apple Cider. They are NOT the same!

9. Trying to use a “hand blender” as a “hand mixer” to mix Gingerbread Cookie batter. I burned the motor.

8. Letting cookies bake too long in the oven

7. “Eyeballing” ingredients resulting in really dry zucchini bread

6.  Forgetting to put the eggs in cupcakes meant for a bake sale. They ended up in the trash!

5. Burning a pizza and being too short to wave a towel at the smoke detector

4. Ever-so-gently drizzling olive oil in a scalding hot pan. Ouch!

3. Trying to find creative ways to substitute for ingredients I don’t have in the house

2. Undercooking Chicken for a family get-together

1. Trying to make “healthy” No-Bake Cookies With Splenda and Margarine

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Mistakes I've Made In the Kitchen

  1. Oh, I have done some of these!! I recently attempted to substitute something that just totally bombed 😦 I wish you better luck in the future. I think I now bear a permanent scar on my inner arm from touching the oven shelf…

  2. I once blew up eggs when I forgot that i had them on the stove (making hard boiled eggs). There was a fire outside and I went out to watch the fireman put it out and came back into the house thinking WOW that smoke came into my house as my house really stunk. Then I looked in the kitchen and seen the fire on the stove going (gas) and then realized I had been boiling eggs, the pan was on the floor ACROSS the kitchen, the eggs had exploded and I had eggs all over the kitchen ceiling, my clean dishes, cabinets, etc. Also the first time I made chicken, it looked beautiful on the outside but raw inside lol. We all have kitchen mishaps lol.

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