Ricotta French Toast Casserole

In the days since I started this crazy cooking mission, a hodgepodge of ingredients has started to build up in my pantry and refrigerator. French bread… ricotta… eggs… basically stuff that will either need to be thrown out ASAP or sit in the fridge until it walks out on its own. So I took to the internet in search of a recipe that would transform my leftovers into a masterpiece. Now, I’m not sure I quite have a masterpiece on my hands, but at least I’m not being wasteful. Anyway, in a few minutes of searching I stumbled upon this breakfast casserole recipe. It’s from a blog called Bitchin’ Camero.  This girl is awesome, you should check it out!

I stuck completely to the recipe, so I want to give the site full credit. Recipe Here.

The basic idea is to soak slices of french bread in a bath of egg, milk and cinnamon.

Cover one side with ricotta and drizzle with honey

Cover the ricotta with another soaked piece of bread

Refrigerate before baking (I let  it sit overnight)
I also added mandarin oranges at the very end and another drizzle of honey, but you could top it with any fruit. It’s a unique take on french toast. In fact, I may never use syrup again. Honey is the way to go!

I can only imagine this is a diet buster, but I’m on vacation and I’m allowing myself to break the rules. Since I’m on vacation, I guess I can muster up the energy to hit the treadmill at some point today too.

Ok, rambling done… eating commence.


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