Roasted Asparagus and Balsamic Pasta

True story: When I was little, I read somewhere that Michelle Kwan loved asparagus. Growing up in a traditional home, eating at a traditional dinner table, asparagus seemed like such an exotic food to me. I announced to my mother that I wanted to try it and she indulged my whim – boiling those green stalks of wonderment. I think I willed myself to like it back then. But since then, asparagus has become one of my favorite vegetables. I’ve always sought out asparagus recipes (and found some good ones) but rarely took the time to make them. I found this recipe on a Pinterest link to Food and Wine magazine:

Recipe here

It was my first time ever roasting vegetables!

And never in my life have I EVER reduced balsamic vinegar. That was way beyond my comprehension level, but I think it turned out ok:

I didn’t use quite as much butter as the recipe called for – gotta watch those lb.’s in the new year – and it still has a lot of flavor.

You’ll need to invest in Febreeze after this one, unless of course you like the smell of simmered vinegar! But it’s well worth it.
Thanks Michelle Kwan, wherever you are, for representing the asparagus. And to mom for encouraging my weird taste buds!
It’s healthy comfort food that would leave even Rosie satisfied!


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