Furry Friday #5: Groovy


Picture courtesy: Seattle Animal Shelter/Petfinder

I’m really pulling for this week’s Furry Friday dog. Groovy has been in foster care for quite some time. While his foster parents have been taking excellent care of him, I know all of us at the Seattle Animal Shelter really hope he finds a forever home very soon.

Groovy is a 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. His foster says, “He listens really well to other dogs’ cues, and plays really well with like-minded dogs (i.e. that don’t mind some jawing and wrestling every once in a while).”

According to his Petfinder profile, this sweet, handsome pup (look at those bright blue eyes and perky ears!) is athletic and energetic, and he really enjoys training and learning new things. He loves being social around people as well as enjoying quiet time entertaining himself with chews and toys. He’s a good fit with teenagers and adults, and he wouldn’t mind a doggie brother or sister his age to play around with!

CLICK HERE to learn all about Groovy and how to adopt him. Keep in mind, Groovy’s adoption status could change at any time depending on the interest.
Click Here to see all the adoptable dogs at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Groovy SAS

Picture courtesy: Seattle Animal Shelter/Petfinder

Younique: 3D Fiber Lashes

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are all mine.

Ask almost any woman and she’ll tell you her eyelashes can NEVER be long enough or thick enough! Am I right, ladies?

We girls go to great lengths to lengthen our lashes. Most of the procedures involve the frustrating task of gluing fake lashes to our eyelids, or going to a salon and paying hundreds of our hard-earned dollars for eyelash extensions. My lashes are almost non-existent, yet I love the “long lash look.” This is a dilemma because I can’t stomach the cost and the hassle of falsies. (My husband cheers!)

A friend of mine recently turned me on to an alternative for lash lovers:Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Bottom line: if you can apply mascara, you can apply fiber lashes.

What are fiber lashes and are they safe? That was the biggest question I had. According to the website, they are 100% natural fibers made from green tea.

The product costs about $30, and for that amount of money, I’m satisfied with the results. The fiber lashes do make my natural lashes fuller, longer and more eye-catching. They also stay dark, perky, and full all day. They don’t wear out like mascara tends to do. At the end of the day, the product washes off very easily. No extra effort or routine changes needed. Here’s a crude before and after so you get an idea of the difference.
20140409-183942.jpg(Top: Curled and light mascara, Bottom: 2 applications of fiber lashes)

I have to admit, the fiber lashes are a little clumpier than lash extensions or fake lashes, but again, if you don’t want the expense or the hassle, fiber lashes are an easy alternative.

Click Here for ordering information.

How to Apply:
(Watch Video)
First, curl your lashes as normal.
Apply a thin coat of mascara and let dry.
Apply Transplanting Gel to lashes, base to tip.
While gel is still wet, apply fibers
Reapply the Transplanting Gel to secure fibers to your lashes and let dry.
If I want a little extra length or thickness, I add more gel to the very tips of my lashes, then apply more fibers and secure with gel. I do this up to 3 times total to get some extra va-va-voom.



Seattle Refined

Big news! I’m thrilled to be sharing my love of all things Seattle with the new lifestyle website “Seattle Refined.” It’s the place to find out all the happenings around Seattle. From style tips to restaurants and home design, my friends over at Refined definitely have their finger on the pulse of the lifestyle scene.

My very first post went live today! I can say with utter certainty, I had the most fun researching for this post. I traveled north, south, east and west in Seattle to find 5 unique dog parks in the city. Take a gander at these pictures and I’m sure you’ll see why.

Click Here to see the full post, and have fun running and romping with your doggies this spring and summer!





Avocado Toast


A quiet bath. Vanilla soft serve. A pint of ripe, red raspberries. Simple pleasures often get lost in the shuffle of our ‘new, now, next’ world. Take breakfast. I love a Smoked Salmon Benedict or a slice of Quiche Lorraine as much as the next girl, but sometimes a good slice of toast just hits the spot.

Simple doesn’t have to mean plain or boring. Your toast can look and taste like a million bucks with none of the extra effort. The first time I tried avocado on toast, I was skeptical. Avocado… on toast? Isn’t that supposed to go on chips or tacos? One bite in, though, and I was an absolute convert. Hit it with light drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper and congratulations, you just turned breakfast into a “wow” moment in no time flat.

Now that’s something I can “toast” to!

What are your favorite ways to dress up toast?


Furry Friday #4: Henny

Seattle Animal Shelter

Photo courtesy: Petfinder/SAS

Dachshunds just make me smile. I think it’s in their DNA. Actually, it’s their long, stubby bodies and that waddle in their walk. I can’t help but love them! This week, I got to walk this cute-as-a-button redhead Dachschund at the Seattle Animal Shelter. And guess what? She’s available for adoption!

Meet Henny. She was nothing but sweet and gentle on her walk around the shelter Wednesday. According to her Petfinder profile, Henny is “seeking a calm, Zen-garden retirement home where I can join you for leisurely strolls (like most ladies with an hour glass physique, I want to work on my figure), snuggles on the couch and meaningful companionship.” See Full Profile Here.

SAS Henny

Photo courtesy: Petfinder/SAS

Henny would be wonderful in a mature home. In fact, senior citizens or disabled adults get a special discount if they’re interested in this precious pup.
Keep in mind, Henny’s adoption status could change at any time depending on the interest.
Click Here to see all the adoptable dogs at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Plum Pantry

Plum Pantry Seattle“In Japan, plum blossoms are the first flowers to emerge from the dead of winter, symbolizing perseverance and hope for a better tomorrow.” What a beautiful concept for a restaurant. Plum Pantry at The Armory in Seattle Center and the other Plum restaurants are dedicated to making vegan dishes appealing and accessible to everyone. I’m not a rigid vegetarian or vegan, but I appreciate the value of delicious, plant-based, sustainable food that nourishes not only the body, but that part of our soul that longs for a new beginning, a reset, a do-over.
Plum Pantry
If you plan to take a trip to the Space Needle, or tour the Seattle Center grounds, Plum is a healthy and affordable option for recharging the batteries. I promise, you won’t even miss the meat. The staff recommended to me the hearty Tempeh Sandwich Box Lunch, which comes with a salad and a cookie or brownie. After I savored my lunch, I had to come back to the counter to say thank you for the suggestion because I enjoyed it that much.

Some of the other tempting selections:
The Signature Cajun Mac and Yease
Jamaican Jerk Tofu Sandwich
Mama Africa Salad
Raw Kale Tofu & Seaweed Salad
Food Menu Here
Plum Pantry Brownies
If you’re doing a detox, this is a great place to get your juice on!
Plum’s Juice Menu has a variety of fresh-squeezed juice and smoothie options: Spicy Carrot, Gingerlicious, Orange, and Spinach Kiwi and Chai Seed, just to name a few.

Ok, I recognize that no matter how much I gush and rave, there are those who prefer a more carnivorous meal. That’s the beauty of The Armory. There are multiple dining counters to choose from serving comfort food, BBQ, made to order pizza, savory pies, fish tacos, and much more. No generic food court food here. Almost each counter is a locally-owned business, so you know you’re getting food that’s been crafted and carefully created.

Here’s to your new beginning!

Plum Pantry Counter

Furry Friday #3: Cindy

Cindi SAS

Photo courtesy: SAS/Petfinder

Spring is a time for all things “new.” New season. New beginning. Maybe even welcoming a new family member. I’m hoping this first weekend of spring is the start of a new life for Cindy.

This sweet girl has been up on the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Petfinder page for a long time. Let’s spread the word and find her a new family.

Here’s a little bit about this adult, female Pit Bull Terrier from her Petfinder page: “At 6 years old, she is just as happy to go for a walk as she is to curl up and cuddle with you on the couch. She is a bit shy and will need a patient caregiver who can build her confidence and reassure her that she is a very important dog. Cindy will reward you with lots of kisses and happy tail wags!”

Cindy is currently in a foster home. She would thrive best in a home with no cats and older kids.

You can learn more about Cindy and all the other adoptable dogs HERE.
Remember, the status of adoptable dogs could change at any time.

Cindi SAS

Photo courtesy: SAS/Petfinder